Wapiarnia is a chain of professional e-cigarette kiosks. We are creating Vape shops in which we ourselves would love to be clients in. Modern and stylish interiors, professional and kind staff advisory, wide variety of equipment, e-liquids, flavors and vaping accessories.

We even made a step further and opened a Wapiarnia Café – probably first such place ever in Poland. Apart from great e-cigarette inventory you would delight with delicious Italian coffee, eat cake or donut, drink a craft beer or try our handmade sandwiches and lemonades.

As of right now Wapiarnia is located in three different cities:

wapiarnia - lokale

Wapiarnia Gdańsk

Tandeta 1/82 (corner of Szeroka St.)
80-835 Gdańsk

Phone: 739 007 102
Email: gdansk@wapiarnia.pl

Opening hours:
Mon-Sun – 10 AM until the morning

Wapiarnia Poznań

City Park Poznań
Wyspiańskiego 26 St.
60-751 Poznań

Phone: 730 650 400
email: poznan@wapiarnia.pl

Opening hours:
Mon – Thr 9 AM – 7 PM
Fri – Sat 9 AM – 11 PM
Sun 9 AM – 7 PM

Wapiarnia Lublin

Sowińskiego 4 St.
20-040 Lublin

Phone: 730 006 502
email: lublin@wapiarnia.pl

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri 10 AM – 8 PM
Sat 12 PM – 6 PM
Sun 12 PM – 4 PM