Apparently, the oldest highlanders do not remember a fall like this one, if it goes on like it is now, it is possible to see snow  in December as in the good old days 😊

Anyway, we’re ready for every weather option because we’ve introduced some new products to our menu.

And you will find in it, above all, delicious croissants on the dry option with jamon and gouda cheese and in the option with beetroot and ricotta cheese.

In addition, “winter latte” delicious, aromatic coffee-dessert 😝 definitely not for coffee purists. This option will definitely satisfy all lovers of Autumn-winter aura, during which the demand for caramel, cinnamon and whipped cream increases 😊.

If not coffee, we also have winter tea with cloves, ginger, oranges, lemon and honey. Come and taste in our autumn offer, which will be nice for longer evenings.