Our space may not be the biggest in 3city 😊 but looking at the number of events offered by us, you can be a bit surprised.
Behind us are Halloween and countless hectoliters of delicious cocktails.
And before us another challenge that is Andrzejki.
Probably each of you likes this day, it’s such a nice magic tradition, when we all become Andrzejes for the first day.

Be sure to visit us on November 30, we will be serving a cocktail specially composed for this occasion, about which we will write more in the event on FB.
Andrzejki Andrzejkami and here, in the meantime, our Thursday tournaments in fifka and Mortala, which are slowly becoming a traditional form of spending Thursday afternoon.
Be sure to stay tuned to us during the week, we have a lot of cool promotions and lots of extraordinary attractions 😊
As always, we are crazy and as usual you can expect an unexpected, just like what fate in a fortune telling of melted wax will bring you.