From the very beginning of germinating the idea of creating the Wapiarnia brand, we never forgot about the importance of fun and the ability to celebrate events such as SPOT. For those who are more interested in our gastro offer and those not familiar with the vapers dictionary we quote a short definition of the term: D

SPOT is a day during which everyone interested in the subject of vaping can meet in one chosen place and discuss all important topics concerning the field of life that is vaping . And so less seriously it is just about having fun in a family atmosphere, where producers and customers are equal and forget about all dependencies and focus on what is most important, that is, on a good tasty dense cloud, released by all in intimidating amounts creating one a great cloud that connects people 😛 The organizers of such events, diversify SPOT with various competitions, during which producers often fund attractive prizes, everything takes place in the form of fun.

One of such spots we have recently had the pleasure to organize in Gdansk, thanks to which we became convinced of your sympathy and boundless deposits of positive energy. There was too much to describe it, sometimes it is better to attend it than to talk about it. Lublin does not lag behind, the last spot combined with birthdays proved to us that no distance matters. The event which took place in the friendly club NIEKASYNO exceeded our wildest expectations. You are simply GREAT!
If you are a beginner vaperami or even such advanced and never took part in SPOCIE is necessarily welcome next time. Follow us on FB because not yet SPOT or other mischief before us and you.