Canadian scientists have come to the conclusion that moderate consumption of Coffee – from 2 to 3 cups, i.e. 300-450 ml per day is beneficial for adults, because it can prevent diseases. Coffee is one of the factors reducing the risk of coronary heart disease – up to 21 percent. In the case of type 2 diabetes, it is 25%. British scientists have calculated but even that every three cups of coffee a day extend our lives about half an hour. What moral of it? And so, that you have to drink coffee.  You will always find a good grain for an overflow or a good espresso coffee, of course, we do not only serve coffee, so we look forward to seeing you every day with delicious breakfast and the best cakes. Now it will be even more tasty thanks to the loyalty card we have just introduced. This card entitles you to many discounts and promotions, each of the holder, will be able to feel even more at home 🙂 how to get it? Just visit us, and you will certainly receive it. See you next to coffee, for health 🙂