Who are we?

Wapiarnia is a unique place, born of great passion and people, that are fond of sharing their passion with others.

We are very proud, that apart from wide variety of e-smoking products in our offer, we as well can welcome you in a friendly, cozy and relaxing environment, where you will be able to enjoy your time in an unusual way.

Qualified and experienced Wapiarnia staff members are ready to help and advise you with our e-liquids, e-cigarettes and all sort of accessories. It doesn’t matter whether you are beginner and buying your first e-cigarette or are you an experienced vaper. We have got your back.

We are offering nicotine free premixes and e-liquids, Molinberry and Capella flavors, nicotine bases and wide variety of e-cigarettes and accessories. More advanced vapers can use our DIY workshop, where they would be able to create and mix their own liquids or design and install their own coil.

At Wapiarnia our mission is to make you all feel like at home.

Wapiarnia is currently present in three wonderful polish cities: Lublin, Gdańsk and Poznań. We invite you and hope that we will meet you there soon !

pracownicy Wapiarni

What we do?

Wapiarnia is a unique combination of vape shop and cafeteria, where in an exceptional atmosphere you will be able to once again discover all well-known e-liquids and find something new for every and each of you.

Thanks to that, All of our guests can sit in a comfortable chairs, relax while drinking deliciously good warm beverages  and simultaneously indulge in the pleasure of vaping.

Beside our amazing e-smoking products we are also very good at making delightful coffee in various compositions and flavors and all that prepared by experienced baristas. We also have refreshing craft beers, amazing Spanish wines, extraordinary appetizers and heavenly good desserts.

Breakfast, lunch, remote work or late night meeting with your friends? No matter the time of the day or the reason. It is always a good time to visit us !