We work in a close collaboration with experienced coffee bean roasting company from Poznań.


CoffeeJourney, is what their name is, is a coffee bean roasting company that emerged in 2017 after three experienced passionate men – Cafeteria Stragan, CraftCoffee School and ABC espresso owners decided to come up with something new and set a completely new quality level in this industry in Poland. Thanks to their long and rich experience that they had opportunity to gain during many years on the market the CoffeeJourney is able to take you for an incredible journey around the most unique coffee the world has ever seen.

While making our coffee we use only highly selected Arabica beans harvested in beautiful country of Cameroun. They are known for their bit higher than usual acidity, very sophisticated chocolate and fruit aroma and overall rounded body.

Moreover, We have also many different types of coffee beans (harvested in Kenya, Ethiopia or Costa Rica) which we use for alternative methods of coffee brewing such as Chemex, Drip or Aeropress.

We are always there to help and advice you on choosing the beans specifically for your preferences. Our experienced team of baristas will do their best to prepare for you the best coffee you have ever tasted.


W naszej ofercie

Poza standardową ofertą kaw oferujemy także metody alternatywne - chemex, drip, aeropress.

W naszej ofercie

W naszej ofercie