We aim to create a place that will accomodate any type of vaper – both advanced flavour or cloud chasers, those looking for a perfect coil and these trying to get away from the traditional cigarette and quit smoking..
wapiarnia vape shopWapiarnia is an exceptional place, where in a friendly atmosphere you can purchase e-liquids, e-cigarettes and vaping accessories of all kinds. Our professional staff will assist you whether you are looking for a e-cigarette – no matter if it is a simple or advanced box or a mechanical mod, atomizer, help you make your coils and choose your new e-liquids, flavorings etc. Advanced vapers are welcome to use our fully equipped DIY workshop which is a perfect place for mixing your own e-liquids or creating and replacing your coils.

Our shelves are full of nicotine free premixes and e-liquids, Molinberry or Capella flavourings, nicotine bases of various strenghts and PG/VG ratios as well as various types of e-cigarettes, tanks and accessories.